Postcard: After Hurricanes, How To Heal Haiti (March 2, 2009)

Being a contractor at NPR afforded me a lot of free time for travel. My mother and uncle had been deeply involved in supporting a Catholic mission in northern Haiti for years at that point, and traveled there often. I joined my uncle and father to visit the compound of the Missions of the Poor in Cap-Haitien. The brotherhood is based on Mother Theresa’s mission to help the destitute, and in Haiti, they run an orphanage and a hospice for disabled and dying adults. Many of their charges suffer from tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS.

Haiti Postcard

Host Intro: NPR’s Rebecca Martinez recently traveled to Haiti, to do aid work in the aftermath of the hurricanes there last year. In an audio postcard, Martinez shares her insights about the country which has been devastated by centuries of oppression, disease and natural disasters.


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