Sheep ranchers: “The best of times… the worst of times” (December 10, 2011)

Demand for lamb and ewes has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to a renaissance of sheep ranching in Wyoming, but wolves and coyotes (pronounced: KY-ohts) aren’t letting up. I spoke with several sheep ranchers around the state.

Sheep Rancher Feature

“With soaring lamb and wool prices, raising sheep has recently become more lucrative than ever for Wyoming ranchers. Even with the payoff, raising sheep is a tough job, and poses the same challenges it has for thousands of years… And the number of sheep ranchers in Wyoming has been on the decline for years. Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez reports.”

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I'm a writer and journalist living in Wyoming. Audio is my passion. My reporting has aired on Naitonal Public Radio, Wyoming Public Radio, BBC/PRI, APM and WAMU. My writing has been published in The News Leader, the Daily News-Record and The Star-Ledger. I deal in Americana and the human condition.
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