Ag Industry Encourages Producers to Add Value To Businesses (August 17, 2012)

The “buy local” philosophy is a difficult one to follow in Wyoming, and most of the food here is important. Small portions of the state are suitable for growing produce; much of the rest is used to produce hay and livestock, and much of that is shipped elsewhere to be processed and distributed. But there’s no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in Wyoming, and many business owners are working to expand and diversify their offerings by adding value to their products.

Value-added Ag Products Feature

“Wyoming agriculture producers raise and lots of cows and sheep… but they’re mostly sold out of state, where they’re processed and sold as beef and lamb, making big money for outside businesses. Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez reports that state agriculture agencies are now encouraging ag producers of all kinds to add-value to the products they already have to keep their businesses competitive, and circulate the money in Wyoming.”

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I'm a writer and journalist living in Wyoming. Audio is my passion. My reporting has aired on Naitonal Public Radio, Wyoming Public Radio, BBC/PRI, APM and WAMU. My writing has been published in The News Leader, the Daily News-Record and The Star-Ledger. I deal in Americana and the human condition.
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