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I'm a writer and journalist living in Wyoming. Audio is my passion. My reporting has aired on Naitonal Public Radio, Wyoming Public Radio, BBC/PRI, APM and WAMU. My writing has been published in The News Leader, the Daily News-Record and The Star-Ledger. I deal in Americana and the human condition.

Gary Small wins fourth Native American Music Award

The Native American Music Awards have been lauding Sheridan, WY-based Gary Small for his broad ranges of styles and talents for years. His latest album, “Hostiles and Renegades” has a heavy reggae influence. I wrote spots about his for Wyoming … Continue reading

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Fremont County waiting on SLIB decision to replace unsafe courthouse (May 20, 2013)

This spot came from reporting I did about Wyoming’s cash-strapped judicial branch. Riverton’s Circuit Court has overflowing dockets… and the building it’s in is unsafe, to boot. See it, behind the storage containers placed around it as a security measure? … Continue reading

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Peer mentoring program aims to prevent substance abuse and keep kids in touch with tribal heritage (May, 17, 2013)

The Wind River Indian Reservation has incredible people and beauty there, and a disproportionate amount of bad news. I was excited to hear about a dynamic plan to tackle drug, nutrition, and emotional issues early by empowering kids to be … Continue reading

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Arapahoe School Superintendent leaves after pivotal school year (May 17, 2013)

The once-faltering Fremont School District 38 in Arapahoe turned a complete 180 since Superintendent Jonathan Braack took the helm in January 2012. Enlarge image Credit Rebecca Martinez During Jonathan Braack’s time as superintendent of Fremont School District 38, the Arapahoe … Continue reading

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UW Nursing School is working to meet needs of changing medical industry (May 16, 2013)

New programs at the University of Wyoming’s Fay W. Whitney School of nursing are gathering momentum as the school works to better prepare students to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry. Many organizations are demanding that nursing job candidates have a Bachelor … Continue reading

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Wyoming Judicial Branch says there’s nothing left to cut (May 10, 2013)

A thriving energy industry kept Wyoming strong while the rest of the country succumbed to an economic recession. But now, the energy industry — coal and natural gas markets, specifically — is slowing, bringing the state economy with it. The … Continue reading

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Elk Antler Auction benefits habitat at National Elk Refuge (May 10, 2013)

Elk antlers are huge in western decor. There are a ton of them in the Jackson Hole area, especially for the National Elk Refuge… but that’s off-limits to the public. So I interviewed a spokeswoman there about how they gather … Continue reading

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